We make science fun

We are scientists, mothers, teachers and fathers joined by our passion for providing children with the best possible outset in life. Since 2002 we have inspired more than 100 000 children to engage in science. And with deep knowledge of how children learn, we offer amazing products handpicked for their ability to nurture every child`s inborn curiosity.

Our aim is to help children all over the world to explore science. We believe that all children, independent of background, should get the opportunity to develop their full potential. To reach children from low income families, we also cooperate with non-governmental organizations. Exploring science with our products, will not only inspire your child, but also give less fortunate children the possibility to engage in science.

Our products are more than just another toy. We offer activities carefully designed for sensory stimulation and collaboration between adults and children that develop social skills and foster creative and scientific thinking. Along with our products, you will receive a detailed description of activities and how your family can explore the wonders of science.

We provide children with fun and fascinating alternatives to digital entertainment through hands on activities. By developing science to be a hobby, we believe children will be inspired to put away their screens and explore the world around them.