Build exciting dinosaurs


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  • Incredibly smart dinosaur kit!
  • Put together 30 dinosaurs or just create your own fantasy animals.
  • Stimulates imagination and creativity.
  • Learn about dinosaurs and their body parts.
  • Why do T-rex have short arms?
  • Includes a fun card game.
  • Suitable for children from 3 years of age.

The kids use the kit to recreate more than 30 different dinosaurs – and to create countless fantasy animals. All parts can be combined and the innovative “click and twist” mechanism allows them to rotate 360 ​​degrees. The dinosaur figures are a modern design of high quality in robust beech wood.
It challenges the children repeatedly by stimulating the children to play creatively and to try new combinations. The set contains 33 dinosaur parts, 30 cards with information on the different dinosaurs. These cards can also be used for an exciting card game as described.


  • 33 dinosaur parts of beech.
  • 30 cards on how to assemble the dinosaurs.
  • 1 poster with information about the dinosaurs.