Creative tiles XL


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  • These building tiles allows you to use your imagination and creativity to build whatever you wish.
  • The set contains 523 tiles in different colors.
  • See the pictures for inspiration.

When we are creative, we create something new. It can be a work of art, something practical or something completely different. You become more creative if you practice working creatively.

One way to practice your creativity is to play with these tiles. Start with two tiles. How many different ways can you put them together? Take three tiles. How many shapes can you make now?

Then use these techniques to assemble as many tiles as you can. You will soon discover that the opportunities are un-limited. Long rows of tiles can be assembled into circles. In addition, the rows can extend in different directions. Just think of something you want to build and get started.

You can also play with the tiles together with your friends. Then you put a tray at a time and try to collaborate on what it will become. It can be extra exciting if you do not discuss it, but just try to understand what your friend is thinking.


  • A total of 523 tiles.
  • 35 red tiles.
  • 51 orange tiles.
  • 111 yellow tiles.
  • 31 green tiles.
  • 109 light blue tiles.
  • 24 dark blue tiles.
  • 42 purple tiles.
  • 108 white tiles.
  • 12 black tiles.