Dinosaur Excavation Kit

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  • A kit with everything your child needs to excavate a dinosaur.
  • Lets your child experience the wonders of paleontology.
  • Includes a pamphlet which promotes further learning.
  • Perfectly combines learning and fun.
  • English instruction manual.

This Dinosaur Excavation Kit perfectly combines learning and fun. It contains, among other things, a block of clay with the pieces of a dinosaur model buried inside. Using the tools included in the kit, your child can dig through the clay and find the remains of a dinosaur. An intriguing taste of what it is like to be a paleontologist! After the pieces are cleaned, they may be arranged to model a complete dinosaur skeleton. As well as a pamphlet with information about dinosaurs, a stand for displaying the skeleton is included.

The kit contains:

  • A block of clay with a dinosaur skeleton model buried inside.
  • A set of necessary tools to excavate the dinosaur.
  • A supporting stand to exhibit the dinosaur model after excavation.
  • An engaging pamphlet detailing dinosaurs and the periods when they ruled the earth.
  • An instruction manual in English.

The kit is a treasure among many in our selection of dinosaur toys. Above all, the Dinosaur Excavation Kit gives your child an opportunity to explore the fascinating field of paleontology. That is to say, crossing the borders of geology into biology the excavation of a fossil is sure to excite your child! Consequently, the activity is likely to promote a positive relationship to science in your child, as well as spark curiosity and further exploration.

By digging through the clay your child experiences the suspense of a paleontologist at work. What can be buried under the dirt? Is it the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex? A Triceratops? A Velociraptor? Excavate to find out!