Magical Dinosaur


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  • Grow your own crystal dinosaur.
  • This is a completely unique dinosaur, that engages the whole family!
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Simply pour the magic liquid over it and see how the crystals grows.

Bonus experiment!

Grow sugar crystals on a stick with this fun experiment.

Did you know the eating of sweets gives us a wonderful feeling in the brain?

That’s probably why many of us eat too much sugar. But if you do a crystal experiment before you eat the sugar you have at least learned something.

Remember to ask an adult for support when you are doing this experiment.

  1. Boil 1.5 dl of water in a pot.
  2. Stir in 500 g of brown or white sugar until it has dissolved in the water.
  3. The sugar consisting of tiny, invisible sugar molecules and invisible after-sugar molecules slip in between the water molecules.
  4. When you cannot dissolve more sugar, pour everything into a glass that can withstand the hot liquid, such as an old jam jar.
  5. Put a plastic film over the opening of the glass when its cooled down.
  6. Put two or three sticks into the glass-jar, but make sure they do not reach all the way down to the bottom.To make them hang, you can use some tape or attach them to the sponge.
  7. Place the glass somewhere in your house where it can stand in peace for one or two weeks.

Keep an eye on what is happening in the meantime.

The sugar molecules dissolve and disappear when you heat the liquid in the pot. Hot water has room for more sugar than cold water. When the liquid cools down, not all the sugar molecules stay in the sugar solution. Instead, they attach to the sticks and create beautiful (and tasty) sugar crystals.