Magical Snowman


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Make a snowman at home without snow!

  • This snowman is special because it grows crystals on it!
  • Get help from an adult to do this experiment.
  • The snowman grows and becomes covered in “snow” on the body and on the end of the broom.
  • Within 24 hours, the snowman is covered with crystals.
  • Fun Christmas product that works well for all ages.



  1. Put together the parts in the package (See the instruction picture on the package). Attach the body in the junction of the plastic bowl.
  2. Separate the pieces of paper on the stomach of the snowman and on the broom part of the broom.
  3. Remember that the paper parts must be separated from each other to ensure a nice and fast growth.
  4. Check that the end of the broom lies in the plastic bowl, so that it can absorb the liquid.
  5. Pour the magic water into the plastic bowl.
  6. The magic water wants to be drawn up in the paper. After a few hours, the water will evaporate and fine crystals will be visible!
  7. The snowman will grow and grow within one to two days. Make sure the snowman is placed in a safe place. Instructions in English are included.