Math bands – Buy 2, get 1 FREE

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  • Try an easy and fun way to learn the multiplication table!
  • One packet contains 8 unique wristbands in different colours.
  • The multiplication table from 2 to 9.
  • Fits both children and adults.
  • Hand them out one at a time and enjoy how your child progress.
  • Buy this bundle and receive 3 packets for the price of 2

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Math bands

These bestselling math bands strengthens children`s understanding of the multiplication table, both inside and outside the classroom. You won’t find them anywhere else.

The packet consists of 8 bands with different colours. Each band has 10 numbers, corresponding to the multiplication tables from 2 – 9. The elastic bands are made of non-toxic silicone, and fits most children and adults. The circumference measures 18 cm and the high-quality can withstand many years of use.

Gradually teach your children the multiplication table. Hand out a new wristband when they have learned the one they are currently wearing.

The theory behind the math bands

We are all born with neurons that give us an approximate numeric sense. When we learned to count as children we gradually understood the meaning of numbers. These cells developed into precise numeric neurons responding to a particular value. Fully educated, these neurons give us a mental numeric line. Our math bands will be helpful in this process.

Many children can recite numbers in ascending order, but may for example find it difficult to understand that the value between 1 and 7 is the same as the value between 41 and 47. This is because their mental numeric line is not linear yet, but rather exponential. By rotating the math bands around their wrists, they both feel and see that the value between small numbers and larger numbers are the same, and this develops a linear numeric line.

In this process, it will be beneficial to not always start from the lowest number, but to also start in the middle or go backwards. It can also be helpful to compare the number lines on different math bands.

Remembering numbers is an important skill in our lives. Scientific studies show that children who have developed a strong mental number line, are better at remembering such numbers and better at math in general. With our math bands your child may not only learn the multiplication table and develop a linear number line, but also associate math with fun!

Age of child

3 – 6 years old, 6 years and above