Storm glass – Predict the weather


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  • Storm glass predicts the weather and was used already in the 19th century around Europe.
  • The beautiful crystals in the glass change the shape depending on the weather.
  • The glass is about 14 cm high and has a diameter of about 7 cm.

The storm glass works the same way as a barometer.

  • Clear liquid = The weather is clear.
  • Unclear liquid = The weather is foggy.
  • Small dots in the liquid = The weather is damp and / or fog can be expected.
  • A foggy glass with small stars inside = Can indicate thunderstorms or storms.
  • Small stars in the liquid on sunny winter days = There may be snow.
  • Large “flakes” in the liquid = May indicate large fluctuations in temperature and / or snow in winter.
  • Crystals in the bottom of the glass = Indicates frost.
  • Small wires near the top of the glass = Can indicate wind.