Super Slime Extreme – Pink 150g


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  • We understand why the kids are totally crazy about slime and here you have a total of 150 grams of slimy slime!
  • Push it between your fingers, shape it into a ball or listen to the sound that appears when you press your fingers into the jar.
  • CE approved and tested.

To explain how slime can behave as it does, you need to know what a liquid is:

Liquid: All fluids can change shape, but they have a fixed volume. Think of a litre of water. You
can pour the water into a bottle or bowl. It changes shape, but it`s still one litre
of water

Be sure to put the slime back in the plastic box when you are not using it. Then you avoid getting it stuck on clothes and other things. If the accident still occurs, you can put the clothes that have got slime on in the freezer. When it is cold it is easier to remove it. The slime is thrown into residual waste when you don’t want to use it anymore. It does not contain any toxic substances.