Water beads – 250g

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  • These small balls grow into beautiful colourful spheres when you put them in water.
  • Put them in water and see how they grow.
  • Learn about polymers, evaporation, growing seeds and how the light behaves.
  • Absorbs 100 times its own weight.
  • Instructions in English.
  • Contains 250 grams of beads.

Absorbs 100 times its own weight.

These small water beads can grow into colourful globes!

The water beads can become much larger!

The water beads contain a substance called polymer and the polymer is hydrophilic.

That means it loves water!

It manages to absorb so much water that the beads expand and grow larger. It is a fairly similar to the fabric found in diapers, that’s how they can soak up so much urine.

When you’re done you can let the spheres dry, then you can use them again and again.